Use Blue Cat’s Connector for Seamless Network Audio Routing


Blue Cat Audio kicks off the slate of new products at NAMM’s Believe in Music 2022 event. The company has just released its latest plugin, called Blue Cat’s Connector. Although its efforts at first glance may seem simple to some, this plugin can actually solve many audio routing problems that many face. Whether routing the signal internally or between applications, Blue Cat’s Connector is finally here to save the day. Let’s dive into Blue Cat’s Connector and give some examples where it could become very useful.

blue cat connector

Blue Cat Audio created “Connector” for the sole purpose of routing audio from point A to point B. However, this breaks new ground with those who have struggled in the past with routing a live connection between two separate applications. Blue Cat’s Connector accomplishes this by using two separate instances of the same plugin, loaded separately. The first instance, if preferred, would be designated as the “send” and the output level can be adjusted accordingly.

Users can route audio and MIDI signals within the same application, to another application, or even to a separate computer on the same network. This is selected at the top of the plugin, using the three icons associated with each option. The “receive” plugin, on the other hand, takes this audio with as low as zero latency. Moreover, one can use the plugin to adjust his receive signal, and through the levels accordingly to get perfect audible signals.

If you are a producer and always wanted to record effects from one DAW into another DAW, this plugin is definitely for you. Additionally, Blue Cat’s Connector provides solutions for sending DAW signals to content creation applications like OBS Studio or Zoom conferences. Blue Cat’s Connector can be yours for just $49, but the company is offering a special starting price of $39 for those ready to dive in. To learn more about Blue Cat Connector or other Blue Cat Audio products, visit their website here.

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