Product overview | Do my students use school accounts on OnlyFans? Most likely.


Think you’ve blocked OnlyFans and other explicit apps? Just like these districts.

One of the things that our customers love it about ManagedMethods is our amazing customer success team. They are not the type to appear only once a year when the renewal is approaching. They proactively reach out to help improve platform configurations and make adjustments based on new information and emerging trends they hear about in the news and/or from other clients. Currently, they assist district administrators audit third-party apps in their Google/Microsoft domains. And the results were a bit shocking.

It’s a frontline story…

“This week, product specialists assisted several of our customers with a application security audit/risk assessment call.

The primary purpose of these calls is to explore application categories that will typically have the most risk. These categories may include VPN, Games, Dating, Entertainment, Social, and Explicit. The alarming trend we are seeing is the large number of explicit applications authenticated with student accounts.

During these calls, nearly 100% of the customers we audited found apps like only fans, Chaturber & Omegle related to student accounts. The school district may block these sites on devices or their networks using content filters and firewallhowever, this does not prevent students from using other devices or connections to log in using their school-assigned account.

It opens the eyes of our customers and potential customers. They think they have things under control and then see that, in fact, things are not as safe as they think. This once again shows the value and importance of Managed methods produced in K12 when it comes to student safety.”

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