Global launch of GDA Capital, LD Capital, DLTx and Akash Network

Miami, Florida, December 6, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –

Digital asset investment firms GDA Capital and LD Capital, the publicly traded Web3 technology company DLTx, and the first open source cloud network Akash have launched Satellite Social – a global network of VIP events for investors, elite entrepreneurs and their businesses.

The group has already completed a series of four VIP events in the past two months and another is underway. These events were held during Gulf Blockchain Week in Dubai, NFT NYC Week in New York, Lisbon Blockchain Week, and Art Basel Week in Miami. On Monday, December 6, Satellite Social is hosting the first launch event during Puerto Rico Blockchain Week in coordination with the Puerto Rico Blockchain Trade Association. Satellite social media attracts hundreds of high profile representatives from leading venture capital and disruptive digital asset firms. These events are intentionally hosted in exclusive, high-level settings and host a relatively small and highly organized guest list in the best effort to spark ever-expanding conversations among a group of highly influential decision-makers. In addition to the founding companies, event sponsors include Woodstock Fund, Valhalla Capital, BMAQ, Chia Network, Craft Economy, Metaknyts and Defy Trends.

“Our goal is to bring investors together in high-value rooms that are easy to talk to. Last week we hosted a Social Satellite in Miami during Art Basel and NFT BAZL and we intend to continue to develop them globally, ”said Michael Gord, co-founder, GDA Group.

“Satellite is a continuation of our goal of creating a high-quality community of builders, actors, influencers and investors. It draws on the broad reach of our founders to open up opportunities to increase the quality and depth of our community in contexts that coincide with major blockchain events on a global scale, ”said DLTx Marketing Director, Kaitie Zhee.

“The Akash Network team is thrilled to be an integral part of Satellite Social. With digital assets and blockchain technology gaining strength, we believe it is crucial to have a network dedicated to these special events for investors at global conferences and summits, ”said Greg Osuri, CEO of the Akash Network.

About GDA Capital

GDA Capital is a global organization that invests in disruptive technologies and provides vertically integrated financial technology services to institutional investors and businesses. It is the trusted advisor who bridges the gap between institutional capital markets and disruptive technologies.

About LD Capital

LD Capital is the most reputable investment company in China, specializing in blockchain investments, securities, equity investments and trading. Due to the advantages of industrial resources and professional investment research team, LD Capital has successively discovered and invested in more than 200 companies. Overall, LD Capital performed over 100 times the return with a peak in treasury assets of nearly US $ 1 billion.

About DLTx

DLTx is a publicly traded company listed on the Oslo Børs Stock Exchange and is focused on building web3 by deploying blockchain infrastructure at scale. DLTx will partner with top companies in sectors being redesigned by Distributed Ledger Technologies. The Board of Directors and Advisory Board have considerable experience within the blockchain ecosystem and actively advise and support the businesses that DLTx helps grow. DLTx supports core developers, runs validator nodes, owns governance tokens, and helps companies with the right technology, teams, and market outlook succeed.

On Akash Network

Akash Network is developing the world’s first and only decentralized open source cloud, leveraging 85% of underutilized cloud capacity in 8.4 million data centers to enable anyone with a PC to purchase and to sell cloud computing in a secure and frictionless market. Akash DeCloud dramatically accelerates scale, efficiency and price performance for DeFi, decentralized organizations and high growth industries like machine learning / AI.

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